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Monday, June 7, 2010

Storm Chasing

I guess it's not really storm chasing when the storm is between a person and their destination. I was beginning to dread going through it, when I finally reached my turnoff before coming to it. Then, I was parallel to it for awhile and took these pictures. Every time I stopped, it got ahead of me and rain started pelting the windshield, so I drove until I was ahead of it again and stopped to take more pictures. I thought it was too interesting to pass up.

These pictures were taken east of Groom, Tx.

Luckily, I turned off the highway and went the opposite direction of the storm.



  1. Lovely storm. I miss rain and really big storms. I used to go out with my dad and actually chase them, but only if tornadoes were predicted. lol

  2. Amazing photos - a talented photographer as well as a writer ! We were coming back from a swim meet last weekend - and saw a complete double rainbow - not sure if I've even seen 2 so completely finished. Course, I asked dd if we should try and find the end of it ... and she mentioned that all rainbows end in ..... Canada? learn something new every day !

  3. Thank you Jerzy, you are so sweet. And here I thought all rainbows ended in Oklahoma. lol


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