Sunday, July 18, 2010

Step Away from the Paint Can!

You know how it is when you makeover a room, it makes something else look bad. That's how it was after I finished the master bathroom recently. A fresh coat of paint on the walls, all the wood trim and door, refinished the cabinets, and new nickel fixtures - made the original brass door hinges and doorknob look old and shabby.

Hubby told me to just go buy new hinges and knobs, but I didn't want to put nickel on just one door, and nickel wouldn't look right in the other rooms. I thought I had the solution with white ceramic door knobs; that way they would be timeless and a neutral with the different hardware colors in the different rooms. But the only place that had ones that were completely white was in the U.K. and they were just too expensive.

The hinges were the worst because they had years of sloppy painting overlapping the brass, so I just painted them with the same paint I used on the door.

Then I thought the brass coat hook on the door might be less conspicuous if it were painted white, so I spray-painted it. That turned out well, so I thought I might as well paint the door knobs.

They certainly blend now, but is it possible their lack of color makes them conspicuous? For some reason they remind me of a face with no eyebrows.

But it's done and I'll live with it awhile. If I don't like it, I'll try something else.

Until next time, may you have blessings and a full can of paint,


Missy said...

The door knobs are not working so much for me. lol

Marti said...

Me either. For some reason they remind me of the white lipstick everyone wore in the 1970's, or the white shoes with white socks and white pants that the guys wore. I'll have to look around for a good replacement.

♥ Sonny ♥ said...

How about oil rubbed bronze.. I think that would look beautiful on your door knobs.
I applaud your willingness to go for it and make a change.. ~!!

Sonny @ 155 Dream Lane

Pondside said...

Yikes - don't say paint around the pond! We've just come off a painting jag that saw us do three rooms in five days. I scared The Great Dane this weekend when I said that I thought we should paint the guest room next weekend. I said it with a smile, but I meant it!

Marti said...

Sonny, I thought about that and wish I had tried that first, because the hinges were so dark in places (well, ok, it was probably rust) that they kind of had that look. As soon as my arm is able, I'll replace them with something else. The white it getting on my nerves.