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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Thursday at the Thrift Store

These are my latest thrift store finds. All were 50 cents or less except the casserole dish which was $2.50.

The large picture is just the right size for a project I have in mind. The two smaller frames match a picture Lil has. She has been looking for companion pieces for it. It looks like someone tried to paint one of them, but I think I can get that off. The little purple dish is just the right size for making hamburger buns, and I already have several just like it.

I originally bought the stemmed goblets for a garden project, and I might still use them for that, but I when I found the plates, I decided to start a collection of sorts. After seeing how much my sister-in-law paid to rent dishes for my niece's wedding, I thought I'd start picking up white plates and pretty goblets when I find them at a good price.

But this is my prize. Sorry, I couldn't get the glare off it. I love the frame. I was there when they put it out and I picked it up, looked at the price ($5.50), and held on tightly. I thought Lil might want it, but after looking at the frame for awhile, I think I might keep it. The picture is a print by Barbara Mock but I couldn't find the name of it anywhere.

Until next time, may you have blessings and bargains,

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