Monday, July 12, 2010

An Update of Sorts

And believe me it's hard to do this without whining.

Let's see, let me go back to June 20 when about 11 p.m. Hubby noticed that the air conditioner was running, but wasn't cool. We sweated through that night and the next day (this is summer in Texas you know) and our a/c guy showed up about 5 p.m. He said our freon level was fine and he replaced the capacitor. We went out to eat while it cooled the house, but when we came home it had barely cooled. The air conditioner ran continuously until about 5:30 the next morning, and then it never seemed to cool as well as it had before, and ran all the time.

Or at least it ran until 4th of July weekend when once again we came home Monday afternoon to a hot house. Hubby decided we would sleep in the garage instead of the warm house because we have a refrigerated window unit out there. So he carried a couple of twin mattresses out there and plopped them on the floor. He was so sweet, he even put sheets on the bed too. I know I should have been grateful to have a mattress and cool air, but I had seen a mouse out there the week before and Hubby never gloated about it's demise, so I assumed it was still there. My head was about five feet from the air conditioner and it is loud. And it rattled. All night long. I woke up about every thirty minutes.... Whin......mmmmm.....mmmmm....mmm

Ok, fine. I can see the good side to this. Let me think. Ok, got it. Being awake most of the night kept the mouse (or mice) from climbing into bed with me. But being awake most of the night also made me realize the garage has an odor. I can't quite place it, but it's not good..... Whi.....mmmmmm....mmm..m

O.K. Fine. The smell was good Ok, I give up, I don't know how it could have been good. I just won't whine about it.

So anyway, we called the hvac company again, told them it wasn't cooling again and hadn't worked right since the guy left last time, and we also asked for a quote on a new a/c. (That was probably a mistake.) This time the repairman came around noon the next day, and this time he said the freon was really low, and the only way to find the leak was to refill it. He said if it was his fault from two weeks ago, there wouldn't be a charge. So we grudgingly gave the go-ahead since we really didn't want to be without cool air until it could be replaced. He said it was because of tiny holes and nicks along the. After he gave us the quote on the new unit, he asked when we wanted to schedule it. He was really surprised when we told him we were going to get a few bids. He thought he had it in the bag.

The house was cool again in a couple of hours, which really leads Hubby and I to think the problem isn't tiny holes in the line. It has worked fine since then too. I sure hope there really is a new capacitor in there. Just saying. Was that a whine? I'm not sure.

While I was in New Mexico, Hubby bought a new washer and dryer. Our dryer wasn't vented well (thanks Moe) and it always took a long time for things to dry. Since we want to move the upright freezer into the laundry area, Hubby thought a stacking washer and dryer would make room. Hubby also took the opportunity to move the dryer stack in the attic so it doesn't have to be crimped through the narrow opening in the soffit. He thinks that is the reason the dryer had to work so hard. The new dryer seems to be working fine, so maybe that was it. Of course, we wouldn't have bought them if we knew a new a/c unit was in our future. I listed the old washer and dryer on Craig's List and sold the dryer right off, but the washer is still with us. I guess I was a little too honest in my description but it does have rust on the lid. In the past few weeks, I've been studying Craig's List and it's been fairly entertaining. I hope it's still ok to laugh at the things people do because my next post will be ads from Craig's List.

Anyhoo, been dealing with getting bids, selling appliances, and it's been raining, which is really really unusual for us this time of year. It has kept the grass (and weeds) lush and green. Usually by this time of year I only have to mow every other week, but with all this rain, I need to mow weekly, and since Hubby hasn't been weedeating lately, I decided to do that too. That was the last straw for my elbow which has been hurting since last year. It had even got to the point that it hurt to brush my teeth. So I went to the chiropractor. Why am I telling you this? Because he basically told me to stop using that arm, and ice it every hour. Since typing hurts, and since I have to sit fifteen minutes out of every hour with ice on it, I've been here, but surfing instead of typing. I can mouse with my left hand, but I have found my left hand has not been a contributing member of the symbiotic appendage relationship. It does a pretty sloppy job of anything I tell it to do. I had no idea it had been loafing all these years.

Until next time, may you have blessings and strong arms,

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  1. Hey !! LOVED the Craigs List post - when I have time, I'm going to have to browse the local Craigs list here. I've found some wonderful items through Craigs list - it's a shame everyone isn't as honest.

    As for the kids/swimming/sun - 3 of them have their dad's middle eastern skin - they get brown as dirt, without burning. I still use suntan spray on them - we get whatever is on sale - usually the sprays, so they don't get sticky. They all wear board shorts and surf shirts - so not like they are exposed as much as most.



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