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Saturday, August 28, 2010

Redneck Security System

From tip to toe, she's easily as big as my hand. Anyone who walks through that gate without ducking will have her on his head and will be screaming like a little girl. Who needs a dog when we have her?

Until next time, may you have blessings and vigilant security,


  1. I was laughing until I saw the spider!!! I would scream too!

  2. What ever she is, she is scary. You won't be seeing me anytime soon. Maybe never. lol

  3. Love this. When we were camping a couple years ago, we found a very large spider living on a permanent structure on our site. We didn't want to kill it and were too afraid to knock it down (in case it rebuilt in our tent). So we named her Charlotte and kept a careful watch on her and but barricades around her area so no one disturbed her spot. She was there the whole week. That said, Charlotte was only half a finger long. I'm thinking this gal would have required a site change.

  4. Yes, she has to be relocated. I kept forgetting to duck when I went through the gate so I tore off the web. Then I noticed she was hovering over what I thought was a big bug in the corner of the web, and it was her egg sac.


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