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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

I Need Jewelry Repair Help

I do a lot of crafting, but have never made jewelry, so while these repairs should be fairly easy I think, I don't even know where to get parts.

First are a couple of my daughter's belts, the loose fitting, chain type.  Both had a lobster clasp and both clasps are broken.  One belt looks like stainless steel (it looks tarnished in this photo but it's not at all) and the other is an antiqued metal. Any ideas where to get replacement clasps?

Next is a necklace that was given to my daughter and now it is missing rhinestones. Blue rhinestones. There are four missing stones and I have three. Should I a) just tell her to throw it away, b) superglue the three stones back in and put a clear stone in the other, c) another suggestion?

Last, hardest, and most important to fix, is another necklace given to my daughter. It is one of a set that was custom made for a group my daughter was in. The hook fell off and was lost.

Below is a scan of the hook part of another member's necklace.

Do you know where I can find a hook like that? Or

Should I a) replace it with any hook, or b) replace the whole rope/chain?

Anyone notice that all this stuff is my daughter's????? I would give it to her but she's totally un-crafty and it would never get fixed at her house.

Thanks all!

Until next time, may you have blessings and things that don't break,

Update:  I took K's advice and went to Michael's and Hobby Lobby even though I had already checked their website.  Michael's had nothing but Hobby Lobby had a silver metal color, a brassy gold metal color, and a couple of painted  ones.  I think this one might work even though it doesn't match whatever color this might be - tarnish color?  Thanks K!

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  1. I will try again. I don't think my previous posts made it all the way through, so I'll try again (third time). Go to Michaels or Hobby Lobby. That is your best bet. They have rhinestones and the glue to put them in. As for the cord necklace, I would replace the cord and the hook. The things you need are there!

    Good luck - Grandma K


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