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Sunday, December 12, 2010

Jealousy, Thy Name Is Cat

Sorry it's been so long. Doing nothing has been very time consuming lately.

I've been meaning to update about the cat though. For the most part, he stays around here. He may not be king of the neighborhood anymore either. He disappeared for a few days and came back covered with scratches and he is now missing a claw on a front foot. Since then, he's been as clingy as a baby, following us around when we are outside.

Last week when I was outside putting up Christmas lights, he was sunning himself on the deck. Snoopy, a dog who lives at the end of the street, came by, and since we don't have a fence, he joined the cat on the deck. The cat didn't seem to mind as long as Snoopy didn't get too close to his food bowl.

Then Snoopy came out to the front yard to see what I was doing. This is Snoopy.

He looks more like a Benji than a Snoopy, and he has roamed our neighborhood for the last fifteen years. I don't know how he has escaped the coyotes and bobcats that have taken most of the small dogs in our neighborhood. He must lead a charmed life.

So anyway, Snoopy was walking toward me, and suddenly the cat ran toward me making a strange squawking meow, and he planted himself between Snoopy and me. This is a cat who knows how to guard the food supply.

I've also decided that the life of a cat is a lot like a teenager on eternal summer vacation. Stay up all night getting into trouble, sleep all day, eat when the urge hits, and ignore everyone who calls his name.

I'll try to update tomorrow with our latest project.

Until next time, may you have blessings and a fur baby to entertain you,

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