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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Sneak Peak

Our laundry room is undergoing yet another transformation.  Eventually, we'll get it right I guess.

I never got around to taking a picture of our last change, but talked about it here.  Changing the doors back works well, but there is just no storage in there, and anyone walking in the front door has a view of the washer and dryer.  So, I devised a plan, and Hubby began building.

Today, I need to prime them. Oh, I also wanted to show you this neat trick Hubby thought of so the two of us could lift that center cabinet (can you say HEAVY!) to the ceiling and hold it in place while attaching it. He put these angled cleats on the side cabinets so we could lift and slide.

Since these are going to be painted, those holes can be filled and never be seen again.

And last, a cat update. I think he was in another fight last night because he has a new wound on his ear. And he's very clingy again today like he was the last time he came back after a brawl. I guess he loves me - in a Stockholm Syndrome kind of way.

He's literally my shadow today.

Until next time, may you have blessings and real love,


  1. You don't know how jealous I am that your husband approves of projects around the house much less is able to do them. He reminds me of my dad. Obviously not my husband!

  2. Nothing makes me covet like a well designed laundry room.


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