Monday, January 24, 2011

Design Wall Monday

I'm joining Judy at Patchwork Times today, showing what is in the works on my design wall, or design floor in my case.

One of my resolutions, decisions, goals, whatever you want to call it, is to use up my stash. I boxed it up over a year ago when we needed the bedroom to be a bedroom again, and it never came down. Now it's down and there is no where to put it, so along with my regular too-much-stuff, I have five totes of fabric!

While making this quilt, I've decided I am a lot like my great grandmother, Mother S. Some of the scraps for this quilt are twenty years old; scraps from dresses and shorts I made for the girls. My mother never kept scraps. I don't know why I started keeping them, maybe for patching those dresses and shorts, but probably because I thought they would be useful some day. That's the hoarder in me.

Since nearly every scrap brought back a memory, I'm calling this quilt Trip Around the Past. This photo was taken yesterday afternoon, and I've got this part together now. Now all I have to do is figure out a border. That's always the hard part for me.

Until next time, may you have blessings and scraps of memories,


  1. Love your quilt's name! I have some oldies in my scrap bins too. Borders are hard. I tend to do the plain ones the most or leave them off entirely!

  2. What a great nostalgic quilt. The fabric full of memories is sweet.

  3. Love the way the fabrics flow!

  4. I'm a bandana fan and just love the corners of your top.

    Judy D in AZ

  5. Fantastic quilt - love that it has old scraps in it!

  6. Oh what a beautiful quilt...I love the colors.


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