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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Late Resolutions

I wasn't going to make any resolutions or goals this year, other than continuing to use up my stash. But after seeing several pictures of myself in the wildlife camera, all from the rear, and all unflattering, I decided to go on a diet. My years of dieting, or attempted dieting, have shown me that I have no will power when it comes to food. Dr. Fearmonger (not his real name), on tv, says it is a food addiction. Hogwash! It may be a habit, it may be boredom, or it may be mental, but I don't think there are any addictive properties in food.

So anyway, beginning yesterday, I'm calorie counting. This is a bit like budgeting, and that is one thing I can do, so this diet might have a chance. According to an online calorie counting website, which may or may not be reliable - it is the internet after all - I need to consume no more than 1466 calories a day. That is based on my height, weight, and activity level.

Hubby brought home pizza Monday night. One slice of Pizza Hut Pan Pizza with cheese and black olive is 370 calories. I had two slices for lunch yesterday. Talk about taking a big chunk out of my calorie allowance! Today I'm baking a turkey. No dressing, no hot rolls, just turkey and vegetables. I can see how this diet is going to get old fast.

I must say, it's easier to keep from snacking all day when the food choices are so uninteresting.

Until next time, may you have blessings and a high metabolism,

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  1. Good luck with the calorie counting. Every time I concentrate too hard on what I am eating I eat even more. I have to be casual about my consumption or I go crazy.

  2. I see a calorie-counting diet coming up in my near future, too. I just haven't made up my mind yet when I want to start it. Maybe I will wait till after my doctor visit in early February.
    My allotted calories for the day are 1000. I'm short, what can I say?

  3. I'm short too Cheyenne. But upping the activity level to moderate from sedate gives me a couple of hundred more calories per day. There's always a loophole. lol I'll walk a little more to get to eat a little more.


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