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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Score One for The Cat

He had another fight with the mean cat, but this time he wasn't beat up too badly. And, the mean cat is missing a big chunk of hair. The cat was keeping it as a souvenir I think.

Hubby borrowed a cat trap from his brother and set it up by the deck. He put a big rock on top of a can of tuna (the cat doesn't' like tuna) and the cage on top of that. The next morning, the cage and rock were turned over, the can was empty, and had teeth marks in it. I don't think the mean cat did that. Tonight we're going to put a can of mackeral in it and set up the wildlife camera.

The cat has made himself quite at home here and has taken over my favorite lawn chair. I don't think I'm getting it back any time soon.

And if you think he looks lazy in the chair....

I've never seen him eat while lying on the floor, and then I noticed he was limping. Darn mean cat.

Until next time, may you have blessings and sweet kitties,

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