Sunday, February 20, 2011

Design Wall (Floor) Monday

Still laying on my design floor is this:

Remember this quilt?: (click the picture to read the post about it)

Now that I've finally got the backing ready, I'm nervous about putting it on. I know it needs to be done to keep the wool from falling out as the original backing deteriorates, but I'm really not sure how to baste it. I don't want to use pins because I think it could tear the old fabric. I'm going to put a few gentle stitches into the seams to hold this backing in place, but I need it basted first. So I'll probably study it awhile, or until Hubby tells me to get it off the floor.

In other areas of design, I've been working on my shopping bags.  Have you ever taken your cloth shopping bags to the grocery store, handed them to the checker, and seen a look of annoyance on her face? I've been using cloth bags for years and have seen that look a lot - to the point that at the Wall of Mart I finally told the checker to just put my groceries back in the basket. Then, after pulling the cart out of the way, I loaded them into my cloth bags. Why? Take a look at my cloth bags:

I got the two in the top left corner about 1986. They were freebies - one at the grand opening of a Hypermart (a precursor of Super Wally), and one at the grand opening of a Page Drug (before Tom Thumb had their own inside drug store). The two in the lower left corner were company freebies at a trade show. I actually bought the Brookshires bag in the top right corner (and it's the poorest quality of the lot), and based on the construction of all these bags and a paper bag, I made the one in the bottom right corner.

The reason most cashiers despise these bags (and the person who brings them in) is mainly because of the handle. For one thing, the handles are too long, and for another, they are attached side to side instead of front to back. Because of the handles, the bags don't fit well on their wire rack made for plastic bags. The long handles also make it harder to carry them without dragging on the ground.

I've been meaning to remake my bags for quite a while and a handle on the Page Drug bag was unravelled so it was a good time to try a remake. (I had replaced the other handle to match the size of original.) Oh, and this is the other side of the bag.

I took both handles off, cut a shorter piece of strap, and reattached front to back.

Better, and fits the wire rack but not well. The construction of the bag could be improved.

So I made a new bag based on the typical grocery store plastic bag.



  1. Nice tutorial - I always forget to take my bags into the store! But I use the plastic ones for trash and to hold papers for recycling. It's windy here in OKC so they actually prefer that were bag up the papers!

    Have you ever considered making a stiff bottom insert (heavy cardboard covered with contact paper) to help in standing upright?


  2. The Brookshires bag came with a plastic insert, but it wasn't attached and kept shifting around and falling out. If one were attached, it would be great, but that makes washing it harder.

  3. Have you thought of trying plastic canvas for an insert for the bottom of your bag? It would stay stiff and would wash easy enough. You could put a few tacks through the holes to hold it in place. Just an idea.

  4. Ah, the mayonnaise jar thing. I had a rash of that in my house last year--the lids were just set, unscrewed, on the top of the jar. After the third time, I started carrying the jar around and confronting every family member. No one admitted to anything, but the lids started to be screwed on after that.

  5. Breaking a mayonnaise jar is the worst! I hate dropping eggs and having to clean them up too!
    Your bag ideas are great! I live in a town where EVERYone uses canvas bags (or gets dirty looks) and this solves a lot of issues with them. Thanks!

  6. Marti, your new bag is great. And, I love your antique quilt!

  7. Hi Marti, Wanted to pop over and thank you for signing up to follow me. It's always nice to meet a new blogger and friend. Your day sounds a bit like mine did yesterday. I made a mess down the back wall of my fridge after I'd just spent an hour cleaning it out!
    I like your cloth bags. I have several, but I always forget to put them back into the car after I've unloaded my purchases. I use them at a store where I have to bag my own items, so I really have never experienced "the look of disdain" that you have!
    Hope you won't be a stranger and will let me know when you visit next time. :-) Sue

  8. Hi, Marti - did you check your list of edit posts? The software probably saved it as a draft a few times, so it might be there. If not, I for one would like to see the tutorial as those kind of bags appeal to me.


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