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Saturday, March 19, 2011

A Day Spent Outside

That sounds lovely, doesn't it? When I hear other people say they spent the day outside, I envision a walk around the lake, or even boating on the lake, cookouts, golf or tennis, something like that. Not a day of work. But that's what we've had today.

I began my day beheading errant dandelions and other weeds in the yard, then I moved on to trimming back brown leaves and dead limbs. The cat abandoned me and became Hubby's best friend when I started the riding lawn mower. He ran to Hubby and followed him into the shed, meowing and looking back at me. Not sure what he was telling Hubby, but it wasn't good. I've never heard a cat meow so much. If this cat isn't eating, sleeping, or being petted, he is meowing. Sometimes it's a whiney 'pet me' meow, but sometimes he just runs after us meowing. Hubby has started referring to him as his little gray dog. I also never knew that cats followed people around so much. Until we got him fixed, the cat spent most of his time sleeping or ignoring us.

The big Saturday ToDo list started earlier in the week when Hubby accidentally broke the pond skimmer.

The old one was made out of a utility sink, but it was a bit of a problem at times, so he ordered a new skimmer and it came in today.
It goes in here, but it's a different shape than the old one, so some digging and plumbing adjustments had to be done first.

Hubby worked on enlarging the hole for the skimmer. I looked over one time, and saw both of them totally engrossed in the hole.

Earlier this week, one of our apple trees began blooming. Notice I said one? The other one was dead, and it takes two to tango, even for apple trees. So off I went to the nursery to get another tree. But not just any apple tree, it had to be a blooming apple tree of a different variety. I had called around and finally found a nursery that had a good selection of apple trees, and they thought there might be some blooms. The last tree they showed me was the only one with even a bud; I think it had two buds. Budding, not blooming tree - a Granny Smith. Sold.

I planted the new tree, and now we're waiting for the buds to open. It had better hurry; the biological clock on the other tree is ticking.


  1. That last picture of your husband and the cat is priceless.

  2. Yes, I agree: love the pic of 'engrossed in the hole'!

  3. You never had the wildest thought that cat would become so attached, did you? How funny. I also loved the picture of the two of them.


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