Monday, March 7, 2011

Design Wall Monday

Yes, the same block is still in the works, but I did put one block together, and have put a few more triangles together. Now before you say: "Hey Marti, you've got too many pinks and tan florals up there," let me assure you it won't stay that way. My system for putting the triangles together is to get one stack of a light color and two of each of the dark colors - to insure I'll have a good mix. So far I've only got a stack of pink and a stack of tan florals done. Squaring up the HST blocks is hard on that pinched nerve in my neck, so I only do four or five at a time. It's going to take awhile at this rate.

Did you notice I said Design WALL this week instead of Design FLOOR? I think Hubby was getting a little tired of stuff on the floor, so I rigged a temporary wall by putting a flannel backed table cloth over a quilt rack (on top of the quilt hanging there). It's not very big, and not easy to get to, but it works.

Monday is also chiropractor day, so I'm not going to push it today. I've figured out that doing things that make me bend my neck down irritates the nerve the most. Saturday we played pinochle with my in-laws. You would think that would be easy on the neck, but it hurts every time I play cards. Too much looking down at the cards in my hand I guess. If you are a pinochle player, especially double pinochle, you'll appreciate the last hand I got. I was dealt three ace of clubs, three 10 of clubs, king and queen of clubs, king and queen of spades, king and queen of diamonds, and queen of hearts, along with other cards. I thought it was worth the gamble and won the bid. In the kitty was the fourth ace of clubs, the king of hearts, and two other aces! We play women against men and the men gave up on the spot. LOL

Well, back to the quilting.


  1. I would never say there are too many pinks ;) Beautiful blocks so far.

  2. I kinda like it with the pinks as the light areas. I need to begin making HSTs and put them together with some of my mom's stuff. Yours looks so good.

    Thanks for stopping by my Quilts and Dogs this morning. I like this odd little quilt!


  3. How nice to have a design wall to collect your blocks, especially when you have to work on them in small batches. I hope your neck is feeling better soon.

  4. Congrats on a design wall - and I can see a great quilt in the making with your HST's! Hope your neck isn't giving you too much trouble.

  5. The blocks look great! Hope your neck problems improve soon.

  6. I can appreciate your pinocle hand. Loved that game, haven't played it in years though. Design walls do help a lot and I used to have one like you are using. It does help, doesn't it? Sorry about your neck, hope it will be better soon. I also like this quilt design a lot. Are HSTs fun? :)


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