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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Product Review - Computer Cooling Pad

I want to tell you about this thing because it has made my life sooooo much better. My laptop gets hot, and it's not just the battery. Even with the battery out, this puppy gets hot. Too hot for it to ever be in my lap except on the coldest winter day and even then on top of a blanket or it would burn my legs. I used to sit in a chair with it on the table, and I noticed that it crackled the finish on the table top in that spot. I tried putting things under each corner so it could get air under it, and then it was too high to type comfortably. Plus, it made me sit with my back to Hubby while he sat comfortably in his recliner with his laptop in his lap. Even with the computer on a desk or the table top, the heat from it made me uncomfortable. Add a hot flash to that, and I was one miserable woman. Also, I had to replace the computer's fan this year because it overheated, and the tech said I was lucky I heard the sound in time and turned off the computer before something in it fried - only he used some technical geek speak that meant that.

I thought surely I wasn't the only one with a hot laptop, and I started searching for a solution. I found a lot of cooling pads, but only one with rave reviews about how quiet it is. It was pricey - compared to the others - but I bought it. It was about the same price as a new fan, and hopefully will save my computer. The fan in it is whisper quiet and it works like a charm.

It has a cushion on the bottom, so it's comfortable on my legs, and it has these two little tabs that flip up to keep the computer from sliding off, which is really nice when I have to move it to get out of the chair. You can see those in the top picture.
You can see in this second picture how it is powered by the computer and plugs into a USB port on the laptop. (with the red arrow) So there isn't another cord you have to plug in somewhere. And if you need even more air flow under the computer, it has little rubber bumper type things that pop into slots in the top. (with the red circle). It also has speakers, which I could do without, but there is an on/off button for them. There is also an on/off button for the fan, but I don't know why.

I'm not getting paid for this endorsement; I should be so lucky. I'm just so happy with this thing, I wanted to tell anyone else who is still suffering from hot-computeritis. As you can see, I am sitting in my recliner in front of the tv. Well, you can't see the tv, but it's there and the Ranger game is on, although they are getting smeared by the Padres.

Don't look at my junk back there - of course now that I said that I know you will. I have quilt blocks laid out on the floor, and pictures leaning against the wall that I need to hang somewhere, and my little baby tomatoes that refuse to grow.

Oh, I almost forgot, this is a Logitech N700, and it's actually called a Speaker Lapdesk. I bought it at Best Buy and the sales guy didn't think it was a cooling pad because of the name, but it is. It should be called a Cooling lapdesk with speaker, but they didn't ask me. Here is a link to Logitech where if you want more information and where they probably don't call all the parts "things".

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