Tuesday, May 31, 2011

15 Minute Challenge

I must admit, I have done absolutely no sewing in the last week. I was going to show the paper piecing I did while on vacation, but I can't find it!

Update, I found it. These were so easy, it makes me wish I had taken the Paper Piecing plunge earlier. There is a way to stitch them only on the back so the stitches don't have to be pulled later, but this was the easiest way in a moving car on rough roads. It went really fast too.

Kate asked why we are doing the 15 Minute Challenge. There are several reasons I do it, but mainly it gives me the motivation to get started when my inclination is to just sit in front of the computer or tv.

However, the garden is just about under control, and it's getting so hot now that I want to be finished outside by 9 A.M. so I plan on getting in my 15 minutes (at least) every day now.

To see what real quilters have accomplished this week, visit Kate at Life in Pieces.



  1. Sometimes other things take priority, sometimes you just need a break. Which looking around the blog scape seemed to be a common thread this week. Thanks for linking up. We'll look for great things next week!

  2. I've tried paper piecing a couple of times and really enjoy it. Don't worry if you can't get your 15 minutes in. Just enjoy what you can.

  3. Wow, you are fast. Loved all the good things you offer in this blog, especially the quilts and your projects. =)


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