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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Another New Diet

A week before we went on vacation, I went to the doctor to discuss my osteoporosis medication. My OBGYN put me on Evista last year, but it caused horrible hot flashes, and that's what I wanted to discuss. That took about two minutes and then the discussion inevitably turned to my weight. That discussion/lecture lasted at least fifteen minutes, and in the end I agreed to try his diet for a minimum of thirty days. Even if I didn't lose weight on it, I hoped I would just feel better and gain some energy. His diet sounded fairly simple, plain fruits and vegetables, lean meats with no skins and all the excess fat cut off. No sugar, no dairy, no processed foods, no carbs.

So after we returned, I weighed and began the diet. It was harder than I thought because I had no recipes to turn to. Finally, I checked out some diet books from the library and found that his plan was very much like a combination of the Fit for Life Diet and the Paleo Diet, and recipes from those plans work.

The diet I am on has three levels of thirty days each, and a buffer zone of two weeks between each level. Some people begin on the high weight loss level three, but I knew I would have to work into it, so I began with baby steps on level one. All levels begin with fruit for breakfast, a break of an hour between breakfast and lunch, and a minimum of sixty-four ounces of water per day. At level one I can saute in olive or coconut oil, and have bacon.

Even though I can eat all I want, not long after eating, I feel hungry again. I've wondered if bread and other empty carbs are just filler that keeps expanding long after eating.

Today, I have been on the diet for two weeks, and I have lost nine pounds and am comfortably wearing jeans that I could barely button two weeks ago. I have good energy in the morning, but still have afternoon wilt, the four o'clock fold. I thought it was because I was working in the garden every morning, hoeing, moving big rocks, and bending and squatting pulling weeds. But even with my break today, I had the late afternoon energy drain. The cravings continue, but not as bad as last week. Last week I dreamed I ate a carrot cake with frosting an inch thick. Oh, and that two week buffer after thirty days? On the first day, I get to eat one prohibited thing. So on June 10, I will be eating cake, and it'd better be good.



  1. Sounds great that you can wear your jeans!! Have you tried a little B12 for the energy drop? good luck!!!


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