Monday, May 2, 2011

Vintage Grandmother's Flower Garden Quilt

This is another quilt from Grandma's house. Like most of the other quilts in the bunch, this one reeked. I tried airing them out, and it helped with the cigarette smell, but there was a urine odor that lingered. It was well worn, and appeared dirty too so I thought washing couldn't hurt it, and it probably wouldn't run. I washed it in Orvus. When it got wet, the smell of moth balls became overwhelming, and it hadn't even smelled of moth balls before. I was really relieved that that smell went away when it dried.

It still looked dirty though, and closer inspection revealed that it was the batting showing through the thin white fabric. There was one block with torn pieces and batting showing through, and I pinched a piece off and did the burn test on it. I thought from the color and texture that it was probably wool, and the test confirmed that.

Now for the hard part: dating it and determining which great grandmother made it.

Some of the fabrics:



  1. Very pretty GFG. Are you going to perserve as is, or make some repairs?


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