Sunday, June 5, 2011

Design Floor Monday and Stash Buster Report 23

Not much progress on the design floor. After several trips to the store for border fabric, I finally decided to make the border white. But once the fabric was washed, dried, ironed, cut into 4.5 inch strips, and attached to the quilt - I didn't like it. I had already begun cutting the last of the green into 2 inch strips for the binding, and laid it alongside the white to see how it looked. I decided I would like the white if it weren't so wide and if the green was used as an outer border. I cut the rest of the green into 3 inch strips and barely have enough green to do the outer border. Now it's bigger than the average baby quilt, but so be it. Maybe the larger size will be a bonus somehow.

All that indecision resulted in 4 yards purchased, and only 1/4 yard used. Word to the wise, the pink fabric with the white stars bled like crazy.



  1. I really do like the green as the border. Funny how it comes back to the first thing you thought of sometimes.

    I am so glad for electricity again! LOL. No news people have said the word "tornado" but I really believe that we had one!

    glen: I'll share Chef Enzo with you! LOL

  2. The border turned out really well. I think larger that average baby quilts are the best - plenty of room for the baby to play on and it can be their best drag around friend longer too.

  3. The white and green look really good. A bit big is probably going to be completely lost on baby. It will make it a better quilt to make a tent with when the baby becomes a toddler.

  4. I like the green border. A good choice.

  5. Excellent decision on the green and white boder. Looks great.


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