Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Quilt Borders, the Bane of my Quilting World

I don't know why, but I struggle with borders more than anything. Last night I pulled out a UFO or WIP if you prefer, and then started trying out fabric from my stash for the border. I didn't like anything I had, and Hubby agreed that it needed a pink, a dusty pink to be exact.

So off to Walm*rt I went this morning after I finished my garden chores. I took a 4x4 square of the floral fabric with me so I could match the pink, and found the perfect match. At least it looked perfect in the store. Now that I have it home, I'm not that thrilled, and I pulled one of my pinks out again to have a comparison.

After yesterday when I stole someone's cart there, I wasn't sure I wanted to show my face at Walm*rt. Well, I didn't steal it on purpose! There was a lady and her cart in front of the tomatoes and I parked my cart beside her waiting for her to move. Then I noticed there were no plastic bags anywhere near the tomatoes, so I left the cart there & walked over to the far side of the produce section to get a bag, and I picked my tomatoes, put them in my cart, and left, with the lady still looking for the perfect tomato. I was halfway across the store when I heard "Ma'am?" "Ma'am?" and I turned around to see her following me. I had put my tomatoes in her cart instead of mine, never noticing that the contents were a bit different. I still don't know if she switched out our tomatoes before she gave my cart back. I may have bought her carefully selected tomatoes while she was stuck with my quickly grabbed ones.


My ordinary life


  1. Funny! Sounds like something I would have done. One time when our children were young, I went to two different fast food restaurants to get our supper. After leaving the drive through at one, I looked in the bag and realized they gave me the wrong order... so I started backing up to the window and they were looking at me kind of strange, when I started to say "I didn't order this" and suddenly realized it was my order from the OTHER fast food place! Our kids still tease me about that one!

  2. The sureest way for me to enhance my stash is to try to find fabric for a quilt. It seems I end up buying yards of fabric before I finally find something that will work!

  3. Me too Kate. If I can't find a pink that is almost white, I'm just going to use white. Everything else is just too dark for the rest of the quilt.

  4. That's a funny, funny story. Just last week I was so caught up in my shopping that I turned to my husband and started jabbering away only to realize it wasn't my husband. Oops.

  5. LOL. I have done that before! And I do the husband thing all the time. I am talking away to "Frank" only to realize it is some strange man nodding Yes, Dear and Frank no where in sight.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog yesterday. Good luck with your results. I hope they are good. And you might want to eat more protein on your diet. Keeps you feeling full longer and gives you more solid energy. Try a hard boiled egg, wheat germ, red meat, yogurt. None of those have a lot of calories, yet they add a lot of protein. Nibble them between meals.

    Good luck!


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