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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Weigh in Wednesday, and Thoughts About the Diet

Two more pounds lost, making it a total of 11 pounds. While that sounds pretty good, Hubby has lost 15 pounds and all he cut out were his daily sodas and sugary treats. Another unexpected benefit is the acne I have had on my chest for years has completely cleared up.

I've been on the diet for three weeks now, and while I am losing weight, the main reason I was doing it was to feel better, to have more energy, but if anything, I have even less energy than before. I feel ok in the morning, but by afternoon I am beat, whether I have worked out in the garden, or have done nothing at all. My legs feel trembly, weak, and heavy, and even a short walk to the mailbox at the end of the driveway feels like walking through quicksand. I think it's the diet though I do have another health issue going. I will get the results of that biopsy tomorrow.

Even though I have another week to go on the 30 days of Level One, I am going to stop it at three weeks and start the two week interval where complex carbohydrates are allowed. There's no use sticking to a diet that leaves me completely fatigued every day. I never really understood why vegetables like white potatoes and corn were not allowed. I do understand the concept behind not allowing grains, but again, I don't understand why NO grains instead of just less grains.

If the next two weeks show an improvement in energy while still losing weight, I'll reconsider going on to Level Two. But for today, it's time for a treat! I just can't decide what that will be.


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