Tuesday, July 26, 2011

15 Minute Challenge July 26

I didn't get any sewing or quilting done this week, but I did get a lot of crafting done.

Tuesday - Made fire-ant-proof cat bowl
Wednesday - Sand dresser, drawers, and fill nail holes
Thursday - Build drawer handles
Friday - Build base blocks
Saturday - Paint primer
Sunday - Install wheels and paint first coat
Monday - Drill holes for handles
Tuesday - Paint second coat

Actually there were a lot more days of painting, but I started by trying to paint outside and had to do all that over again.

I hope to show the chest tomorrow.

To see how others have done with their 15 minutes, check out Kate's blog, Life in Pieces.


SpinningStar said...

You did get a lot done, craftwise. I'll check in tomorrow for the pictures. Liz

Logopaedchen/Kirsten said...

You got alot accomplished...love that bench on the sidebar..just beautiful!

Shay said...

Ingenious cat bowl. What a great solution to your problem.

Ack! I recall the days of sanding and endless painting. I just had a flashback and a moment of anxiety!

Looks like a great crafty week Marti. It's not always about sewing!

501 Quilt Blocks said...

Busy! Busy! Looking forward to pictures.

thea said...

Very crafty and productive week! Love the cat bowl. Looking forward to seeing the chest.

Kate said...

Some weeks it's other stuff that has to get done and you did geat. Love the cat's food bowl and your new chest.

Thanks for linking up this week.