Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Kate's 15 Minute Challenge August 9, 2011

I haven't done much this week. Still plodding away at the HSTs, and really, if it weren't for the challenge and knowing I only have to spend 15 minutes doing them, I wouldn't be making any progress on them at all.

Tuesday - trimmed HSTs
Wednesday - put blocks together
Thursday - tied section of antique quilt
Friday - Not ONE blooming thing!
Saturday - Nothing again
Sunday - Nothing again
Monday - Nothing again

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I don't have anything worth mentioning on my design wall and nothing has changed on my stash count, so it's not worth posting.



Kate said...

Three days of something are always better then 7 days of nothing, so you had a good week. If the HSTs are driving you nuts, then maybe a break is what you needed. Hope things go more smoothing this week. Thanks for linking up this week.

thea said...
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thea said...

Let me try this again .. Kate is right! Loved your post on what's happening to this country...