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Monday, November 14, 2011

Fee Fie Faux Fence!



I'm sorry it's been awhile since I posted. I started this project earlier this summer, and after I finally got over shingles, I have been working on it and a couple of other projects non-stop. It's still not quite finished (I still have to put a name across the top) but close enough to finally show you.

I've showed you my shed before - strategically photographed and cropped to only show the front I covered with wood from my grandparent's turn of the century two-room cabin.

What I've never showed (or tried not to show) is what is beside the shed.

Think it doesn't look too bad? Look closer. To the right, a wire fenced area that used to be a dog run.

It doesn't look too bad like this, although I'd prefer not to see any of that stuff, which is overflow from the fenced area on the left side of the shed.

This fenced area has been a bone of contention for the last fifteen years since Hubby built it to hide his junk. Sometimes I think we are one rusting pile of junk away from being featured on an episode of The Hoarders. If Hubby ever stacked anything neatly in there, that ended at least ten years ago. Then it became a mosquito-breeding, snake-hiding, weed-growing trash pit and I refused to go in it.

One day I was wishing, as I often did, that the wood fence was on the right side of the shed so all the stuff was on concrete and hidden behind a fence, and it dawned on me that I could just do that myself. And instead of just rebuilding the same old fence, make it more interesting so it complemented the shed.

I patiently waited until Hubby went on a trip so he wasn't around to stop me. Then I took down the wire fencing, bought lumber to build a new fence frame, and bolted it to the old fence posts. (The center stud was straight when I bought it, and twisted more every day. Fun.)

Then started building the walls by taking down pickets from the old fence, and laying them horizontally on the new fence.

I stenciled "General Store" on the back of a piece of glass, and sprayed all the backs of glass with a variety of black and blue paints so it looked like a shadowy interior, even though there was a board behind the glass.

After I got all the glass in, I followed directions I found online to quickly age the new wood and sponged that on all the new rough cedar. What it did was shrink the new cedar, which cracked the window to smithereens. What it didn't do was age the new wood.

After I bought, painted, and replaced the glass, I didn't try the aging trick again.

And finished!

Junk, still hidden, but better.

Update! I got the name painted on it. Possum Trot was the original name of a nearby town until they decided to change it to something less, um, hillbilly.

Now. It's. Finished.

BTW, I added up my receipts for this project, and without tax, the total cost was $127.


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  1. Looks like a wild west town! Nice job.

  2. Now, that is really cool. DH is working on condensing his 'junk' to the back of the property, hidden by privacy fencing. We're getting there. Some is going to be cashed in at the recycling place, other stuff is our stash, because you never know what you might need for a project.

    Your place looks really neat and will only get better with age.



  3. Looks great! And a General Store door - how much better can it get?

  4. I was going to comment yesterday, but I was being "bugged" by DH. Marti - you absolutely amaze me! I no longer think I am one teeny bit handy. You are the master!

  5. That is amazing! What a great idea to hide a multitude of sins :)

  6. What a great project, I seriously would feel like I had my own Little House on the Prairie set in my back yard. ;) You did a great job transforming this!


  7. I saw your first shed section on GW. Love the addition. What a fun project, now all you need is an outhouse. I haven't been able to convince any family member to build an outhouse for me "ever". They just don't get it and maybe no one else would either.

    Doors to my shed are like yours. Can I copy the sign over the door? Something felt missing, but you filled it in.

    I built large historical models for years and have a trick for you and all. For some reason this trick seems to be a secret as I've never seen it outside of my projects. Maybe I should sell it.... Am giving the idea away as I love sharing and hearing people get excited over the results.

    Aging any wood is easy, with this concoction you can age all or just touch up saw cut edges. The results end up looking like the natural wood would under natural weather aging.

    1 qt dark vinegar
    handful of steel nails or 4 -5 steel wool pads.
    Let sit for 24 hrs.

    You can remove the nails or steel wool if wanted. Leaving them in the vinegar will continue to deepen the aging mixture. But as noted water can always be added to dilute. Any bits of steel adds extra aging particles, sort of unique on the right project.

    est on a raw area for depth of aging. Different species of wood will age differently and this mixture does the same. If it is too deep of a color, just add water.

    You can also paint over this with any type of medium. Dry brush in areas would create a project which would look like paint was wearing off. Also, if you do not like the results, painting over it with any paint is not an issue once dry.

    This mixture keeps forever and does not need a finish over it. Would work for anything wood inside and out. For furniture inside I would use a spray sealant. Once set it is set and will not rub off of anything. The vinegar/steel smell will go away after drying.

    Do not get this mixture on anything other than what you want aged. It will look like rust on any material that is not wood and never come out. Now that I think about this, maybe I should try it on concrete... A very weak mixture would dye fabric too, as if it was hanging out in an old area for years.

    Do not know if it is caustic, but has never been an issue for me personally. Perhaps keep away from pets and children though.

  8. Hi, Marti. This is amazing! Love the way you waited for your husband to leave to get to work! I get the hoarding thing! My garage overfloweth. Have a happy holiday season!
    best, nadia

  9. Marti--I think this is so clever and creative! I love the old look and the repurposing and reusing of old wood.
    thanks for linking up and linking back to catch as catch can.
    ps "catching" you this week.

  10. Hi Marti, caught you over at Gail's blog.

    I love your new facade... perfect. I would love to have one of them in my yard. You did give me the idea to dress up my shed a bit though. It is just plain boring... I think she needs a nice old sign.

    Great job. So what did the hubby think?

    Have a great night.

    Hugs, Deb

  11. WOW!! What a great project! I love doing projects when my "handy hunk" aka-husband leaves town. :-) You did an amazing job!

  12. That is really so cool! You did a fabulous job and it's so original.

  13. Just found your site thru pinterest (Bench makeover) and in rustling around I found this! Wow I admire your ambition and determination. What a GREAT GREAT place to have on your land! How wonderful a job you did :) Congratulations!

    Ps. What did Hubby say when he returned from his trip?

  14. What great ideas! You have been an inspiration to me to do something in my own backyard. Thanks and keep posting more.

  15. We have a problem fence-100 ft long. Last summer I thought about making an entire faux western town the entire length to block the neighbors view of our backyard. My husband thinks I'm a bit crazy and wasn't sure about the project. Today I showed him this post!!! Thank you so much!!!! I love this and it's exactly what I had imagined!!!!


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