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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

I Also Built a Workbench

For years, our "workshop" has been in the back of the shed, in a 5x8' area. Not fun, and as a result, we didn't do much woodworking. After the kids left home, we talked about moving a wall in the garage that separated the car space from work and storage space. After Pawpaw gave us his big table saw which took up enough space that we couldn't get a car into one spot, it became even more important to move that wall. Before Hubby went to Colorado this year, we started that project, and while he was gone, I finished it and built this workbench. I'm just too old to work on the floor anymore.

I built the top out of 2x12's and 2x4's and the legs out of 4x4's, so it's really solid. The doors are out of 1x12's and stenciled to look like old gun boxes. I thought Hubby would like that and he did, enough that it inspired him to build a cart for the air compressor and he wants to continue the old box look.

I got that idea from Donna at Funky Junk. Check out her stairs. Thanks Donna!

More on the garage later.


I shared this with Common Ground - Vintage Inspirations


  1. Once again - you are absolutely amazing! So talented.

  2. What a great looking bench. If I can figure out how to get it moved I can inherit my dad's shopsmith.

  3. WOW! It looks fantastic! I love the stenciling on it too.


  4. Looks great, the stenciling adds a lot to the character.


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