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Monday, November 21, 2011

Puddy Tat Perch

A couple of days ago I built a window perch in the garage for the cat. He likes to be with us when we are in the garage, but he needs to be out from under our feet. Because we park the cars in the garage and use it as our workshop, there isn't a lot of room for a kitty condo, or even a very big perch. The maximum depth could only be fifteen inches. It also couldn't take up any floor space because there is very little along the walls. So I built a shelf braced against the wall.

Hubby said he would never sit in a window perch; that those are just for indoor cats and this cat can go outside whenever he wants to. But I built it anyway, using scraps we had. I also attached a post to one side and wrapped some sisal rope around it for a scratching post so the cat will stop digging his claws into my tires.

We put a couple of old towels and his food dish on the perch and then put him up there too. He was content to stay there most of the afternoon, but after he got down, he stayed down. Hubby gave me the "told you so" look, but I thought I'd give it some time before I took it down.

Today, Brownie reported to me that she went out to the garage and the cat was on the perch. He likes it, he likes it!

Because he is a big guy, and likes to sprawl out, I put a safety edge on it so he won't roll off. While at a dollar store today, I found a minky blanket in the few remaining Halloween sale items and thought it would be a good cover for a pad on the perch. For now, I covered an old quilt with the minky, placed it on the perch and put the cat on it. He hated it so much that he wouldn't even put all his feet on it, and tried to back off it.

So I guess it's back to an old towel wrapped around the quilt.

Oh, and the scratching post? He won't use it either. Now he wants to scratch on the boxes of tile under the perch. *sigh*



  1. Great job on the perch. I think he looks pretty content on there :-)

  2. That cat perch is cool. Cat's are strange critters to figure out, but I love them anyway.

    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving ~ FlowerLady

  3. Very nice perch. You might try putting carpet around the scratching post .. my cats seem to like that. Happy Thanksgiving!

  4. What a great idea! He definitely looks comfy.

  5. I just LOVE with all your protestations about what a difficult cat he is (over the years) how you take care of this guy. Great job on the perch. Even though he is an outside cat, the lure of a place just for himself where he can look down on the action is something that most felines take to like catnip!
    Panda, who lives with 3 Siamese cats who all love our wide windowsills and their cat perch


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