Friday, February 3, 2012

Lucky Me! Look What I Got in the Mail Yesterday!

Pat, from 501 Quilt Blocks picked my name for a random giveaway. She can probably explain it better than I. When I opened the mail last night, I showed it to Hubby and told him another blogger made it and sent it to me. He admired it and then asked what I had to send. Nothing, I said, it's not like a chain letter. She just decided to pick twelve names to do a giving project and she picked my name. Why, he asked. Because she wanted to. He looked puzzled, but didn't ask any more questions. So obviously I can't explain it well. So, Hubby and others who still don't understand, read Pat's post here.

I've decided that my word of the year should be gratitude. Receiving this gift yesterday, along with a lovely dinner out last night made me realize that I don't show true gratitude even when my heart runs over with it. So that is what I am going to work on this year, beginning with this wall hanging.

Thank you Pat, for the thought that went into this, the detail, and all the hard work. The wallhanging is absolutely perfect, and I can see that you looked back over my blog to find just the right colors, and you included our big, spoiled, rescued cat who has become the center of our little lives lately.

See how well the colors match? I've been trying to decide what to put on the wall behind this sofa, and the will fit perfectly. Thank you again!



  1. Looks great! The colors really do match!

    Enjoyed your blog greatly!

    Keep on writing,

  2. I'm so glad it arrived safely and that you like it. It was fun to try something new. Enjoy!

  3. What a wonderful gift! and unexpected too!

  4. How fun! It does go very nicely with your couch.

  5. Isn't it amazing how friends grow over this thing called the internet and blogging in particular!

    That is a beautiful wall hanging. And I had been wondering about the cat - you hadn't mentioned him recently!

  6. Lucky you! Congratulations on winning. That wall hanging is gorgeous and is perfect for that room.


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