Monday, March 12, 2012

Another of Grandma's Quilts

I took two more quilts to be appraised at the Dallas Quilt Show. One was the pink double wedding ring, and the other was this wagon wheel. I really don't know anything about it, other than she made it. I thought she probably made it after 1950, but the appraiser said it was earlier than that, probably 1920s. I'm anxious to see what else she reveals about it.

This one really puzzles me because I can't find any of the fabrics used in it in any of her other quilts that I have. Of course, I don't have all of her quilts, and some of them were lost in a fire so I'll never even see a picture of those.



  1. How wonderful to have these wonderful quilts and to be getting them appraised. I think it's neat that she could tell it was from the 20's.

    Have a great week Marti ~ FlowerLady

  2. I can remember sitting under the quilt frame, in my great grandma's parlor, while she, my grandma and my mother stitched--no machine sewing in those days. I'm afraid I didn't respect those quilts very well when I was a young married woman. Laid them out on the lawn for the kids to play on, make tents out of, had one stuffed in the dusty trunk of the car. when they got torn, I threw them out. They were such a regular part of our home and weren't thought of to be very special.

  3. Marti, that is an absolutely wonderful quilt. I love it!

    I am so late in coming by to thank you for your visit to me. I'm so sorry I haven't been blogging. I've had computer issues and am on Mr. Magpie's work computer tonight. Don't know when I am going to have a chance to get a new one because I am up to my eyeballs in life stuff... Adelaide's husband had a triple bypass (unexpected), and another friend's husband is in the final days of pancreatic cancer. I have had no time to blog which I miss SO much.

    I hope to be back by the end of spring. I miss you and all of my blogging buddies.

    Take good care...


    Sheila :-)

  4. It's amazing what good shape these quilts are in for being so old!

  5. I have a few quilts of my grandmother's and I feel so fortunate to have them. What a wonderful treasure you have.


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