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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

I'll Make This Just a Quick Update


Additional note Thank you to all who have emailed. The tornado didn't come near us and we are fine. My thoughts and prayers for all those who were in the paths of the tornadoes that touched down in the DFW area today.


This has been a roller coaster week around our house. Last Thursday, our septic system stopped up just in time for Brownie's weekend guests. I thought it would be an easy fix, but as it turned out it needed to be pumped and all the companies I called were booked for 4-7 days. Alternate arrangements were made for Brownie's friends, and we discussed whether to stay here, get a hotel room, or stay with Deedee.

Then Pawpaw had another stroke and fell to the floor. The nursing home staff got him into bed and then couldn't rouse him. The doctor was called to see him, and he said he didn't think Pawpaw would wake up and we should call in hospice to make him more comfortable. Friday afternoon, a hospice nurse came in and was doing an evaluation when his eyes fluttered open. She then managed to wake him and called Hubby, Deedee and the nursing home RN into the room. They were all in shock. He was able to answer questions and wanted out of bed. So it looks like that was just a big scare. By Saturday, he was back in his wheelchair and just about back to normal, or at least his normal.

Also Friday afternoon, I got a call back from one of the septic companies I called, and they could come right out and clean out our tanks. So a miserable weekend averted there too. Yay!

I am still plugging along stripping, staining, and refinishing the kitchen cabinets and now we have begun building the new refrigerator/freezer cabinet.

Oh yes, last Friday Hubby also got the building permit for our dining room addition. So add that to the mess around here.



  1. Sorry to hear about Pawpaw's fall, scary stuff. Glad he is doing okay.

  2. I am so glad you are ok. Now I know two of my internet friends are ok after that. Now I need to call the Aunties who recently moved to Dallas. I'll bet they would welcome a hurricane right now rather than the tornadoes!


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