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Thursday, November 29, 2012

Buddy, aka the Cat

Last week Hubby spotted a little dog in our front yard. It was wearing a blue sweater and appeared to be lost. I opened the door, called to it, and he came trotting over. After giving Hubby the phone number on his collar, I took him to the garage so I could dry his feet. The garage is cat territory, and Buddy was not a happy cat with a dog in there. To pacify Buddy and to keep the dog out of mischief, I put him in the hallway between the bathroom and office where he settled down on the bathmat.

Before leaving the main part of the garage, the dog made the mistake of checking out the cat food dish. Buddy arched his back, stalked around the table saw, and peered around the corner to watch the little dog. After the dog was sequestered in the hall, Buddy resumed his position on his window perch. When I tried to pet him, he swung his head around as if to bite my hand. He did not want me to pet him. This is a cat who lives for petting and food. He was not a happy cat.

When the friend came to claim the dog, I made sure Buddy saw the dog leave. It took awhile for Buddy to lose the attitude and let me pet him. Later that night, Hubby and I were in the office when Buddy walked in. He must have gotten a scent of dog because he stiffened, stalked over to the bath mat, sniffed it, and then stalked out.

All this over a dog who was only here for an hour. Lil and her husband are bringing their new puppy here over Christmas and Tali gets to stay in the house! I don't know if Buddy will try to pounce on the little dog or stalk around in a foul mood for a week.

This is Lil's dog.
I'm trying to get Buddy ready for Tali's visit; I bought a little stuffed toy dog and every time Buddy comes in the house, I make the toy jump around, tug on Buddy's tail, and just generally annoy him. When Buddy ignores it, I tell him what a good boy he is. But when Buddy has finally had enough and wants to bite, I tell him no and give him the choice of his bed or the door. Too bad the toy doesn't smell like Tali.

I still think Buddy will be in a foul mood during Tali's visit.


  1. I think you are absolutely right! Cats are like that. They think they rule the world.

    On the mats - Bed, Bath, and Beyond has microfiber padded ones that really look cute. At least in the picture.

  2. It always makes me happy when I see a post from you in my blog roll :-) I predict you are going to be in the dog house with Buddy and I also predict Tali is going to end up with claw marks on the nose :-/(That Tali is as cute as she can be!). I know whenever we've introduced dogs and cats the dogs have almost always ended up with a claw swipe to the nose and that usually was when the dog realized what the cat said, goes. So I have a feeling after Buddy gets Tali straightened out you'll have a great visit.
    Please tell Buddy I think he's quite striking with his white socks and white chest and give him an extra little rub on hte head from me.

  3. That pup sure has a lot of energy. I wish I had just a little bit of his pep. The video is so cute.

  4. I'd keep Buddy away from Tali!! LOL. if at all possible. Have had cats who would attack a dog. Some just never got that notice that it is the dog who chases the cat!

  5. I really can't balme Buddy--it IS his home after all. I remember little cousins coming to visit and wanting to touch all my stuff--I slapped them--if I could have bitten them, I would have. Thus--my empathy for Buddy, LOL.


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