Monday, January 21, 2013

Ooooh, Look at My Legs!

No, not these.

(And no, they aren't mine.)

Now stop looking at them,

and look at these legs.

Saturday night it was a 2"x6"x8' but by Sunday night it was twelve legs.

I've been playing with the router and made these table legs and then routered the edges.

I'm not sure the edge has a deep enough cut though.  I'm trying to decide if I should leave well enough alone, or go over them again.



  1. Those are great Marti. You have inspired me more than I can say. I have inherited my dear husband's workshop and it's full of tools.

    Thank you for sharing this project of yours ~ FlowerLady

  2. You've been busy! I look forward to seeing pictures of the finished article. Jx

  3. you are so talented! I am continually amazed!

  4. Love the legs Marti! I'd put them on a cute table. I saw today a blog where a gal had taken an 6 cube cubby shelf and turned it into a sideboard table. *play music while I find the link on Pinterest*

    Ah here it is! LOL

    I know you're talented enough to do it! :)

  5. Love your intro! Your legs are looking good!


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