Tuesday, February 19, 2013

15 Minute Challenge

I had another good sewing week. I'm not sure I like the way the Little Glory Quilt is turning out, but it's a utilitarian quilt, so I guess it doesn't really matter that much.  The drawing below shows how I originally wanted to make it, but I didn't have enough dark blue or yellow.  Visit Kate at Life in Pieces to see how others have met the challenge and join in yourself.

This week Kate talks about sewing room organization.  She is using a hanging file system for her fat quarters.  This is how I store my fabric at the moment.  I have nine of these plastic boxes, with fabric wrapped around a cardboard square so they are uniform size and fit into the box just right.  The boxes fit under a guest bed, and while the system is not perfect (it's a pain to crawl around on the floor pulling out boxes), it's what works for me right now.  My goal is to get rid of my stash and then the boxes will go away.

I read someone's blog (can't remember which one) about a Quilt Along beginning February 18. The link I followed from that blog was to Barbara Brackman's Material Culture blog. It is actually a kind of a Moda quilt pattern blog hop with three patterns revealed every day. Barbara is a Moda designer and her pattern is one of the first day patterns. If you read her blog post from Monday, Feb 18, you'll get the details.

It looks like it will be fun although I almost changed my mind when I saw Barbara's pattern. Flying geese are not my favorite blocks but I managed to get it done and somewhat square.  I just took a peek at today's blocks and there are circles.  Eeek!

While I had a pretty good week, I can't say as much for Buddy the cat. I began carrier training Wednesday by taking the carrier apart and leaving the pieces in the floor of the kitchen for him to investigate. On Thursday, I put the bottom half of the carrier in the garage and put his self feeder in it. He looked at it, and then at me, and then stretched to see if he could reach his food without touching the carrier. He couldn't. So he stood there looking at it until I backed up, and then he put his front feet in it so he could eat.

Since he is on antibiotics, the vet said to remove his food in the evening so he will be really hungry by morning and eat the medicated food. And he does. By morning, he is ravenous. Hubby said Buddy tried to climb his leg when Hubby poured his cereal in a bowl Friday morning. Then he went over and stood in the carrier bottom where the self feeder was and looked pathetic.

He still won't get completely into the carrier bottom while he is eating, but today I am going to put a table over the carrier bottom and see if it bothers him.



  1. Well after your carrier adventures I was a little leery when I realized we needed to take our sick cat to the vet. When I picked him up to put him in, he growled ferociously. However, he was so sick he offered no resistance whatsoever, other than the noise. I prefer the resistance. I also prefer not going to the vet. I think we'll have to take out a loan just to pay for it.

    1. I hope it's not too serious. Sounds like he more bark than bite. lol I keep telling Buddy it's for his own good, but he never believes me.

  2. oops, forgot to mention that you had a great/productive week. What's bothering you about the Little Glory quilt? I think it looks great.

    1. I planned on using just three fabrics, a dark blue, medium blue and yellow, but didn't have enough of the dark blue and yellow. I wanted it to look like this, but then had to flip the colors and bring in more.

  3. You had a really great sewing week! The Little glory blocks are looking great. I never like it when I have to deviate from a plan, but usually after I've lived with it for awhile, I end up changing my mind. Hope the carrier training for Buddy continues to move in the right direction.


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