Thursday, February 28, 2013

February New FO

I haven't started a sewing project in such a long time that it seems this one has gone on forever. But I just started it a few weeks ago, and I am determined to finish it in March. Now I need to think of a project to start in March. Rather, I need to narrow down my choices for a project to start in March.

I'm linking this to Cat Patches today.



  1. That is going to be one beautiful quilt. I love the colors and fabrics you've chosen. Thanks for linking up.

  2. I like this project more every time I see it. It's going to be beautiful when you get it done.

  3. That's really pretty. Yes, there are way too many choices for new projects to start, aren't there?

  4. So many choices - I think we need to number them and then just draw a number randomly from our sewing box to determine the next one to start. Your quilt is going to be beautiful. Will you be hand quilting or free motion quilting this one?


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