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Thursday, February 28, 2013

Missy, You Were Right

Toshiba computers are junk. My hard drive failed this morning. I took it to Best Buy and they offered to replace the hard drive, but I told them that thing had been a problem since day one, so they agreed to give me a credit for it's purchase price against a new purchase. I think I'm going to get a Sony Vaio. That's what Hubby has and it seems to be a good computer. I'm typing on it now.

It will take about a week to get the new computer, so if I don't post much, you'll know Hubby's computer wasn't available to me.

See you soon.

Update:  We're back from Best Buy where I bought an Asus, not a Sony.  It was in stock and had a 5i instead of a 3i and was cheaper.  I pick it up tomorrow, so I guess I won't be out as long as I thought.

p.s.  If you buy a computer from Best Buy and you have problems with it in the first 30 days, take it back and get a refund.  If you wait longer than that, they will take off $50 per month for usage.  Wish I had known that when I took it back the first time with a problem.  But it had a 90 day warranty, and the Geek guy told me I was covered.  Not.



  1. Sorry I was right. Bwahahahaha
    I love the Samsung we replaced ours with.
    At least you got them to give you money.

  2. Computer problems are such a pain. Glad you've got a replacement on the way. Your hard drive problem reminds me that I really should back up my files today. It's been a couple of months since the last time.


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