Tuesday, March 26, 2013

15 Minute Challenge

I only sewed one day this week, and that was only because I forced myself to finish the top of this quilt. The more I look at this quilt, the less I like it, but that's not the reason I only sewed one day. That was because of my sewing machine. It struggles going over seams and I don't want to quilt this top with it. I'll wait until I have another machine.

I want to thank everyone who gave me their opinions on my last sewing machine post. I have decided that those of you who said to repair mom's machine and give it a trial are right. If I don't like it after that, I'll give it to my daughter and buy a new machine. Like Hubby said, whether I keep it or give it to her, it still needs to be serviced.

Even with my pitiful showing, I'm linking to Kate's Life in Pieces. Join in over there to see how others have met the challenge.

This month, Kate's subject has been talking about quilting, or the ways we talk about quilting, ask others for advice, encouragement, and problem solving.  It's been really interesting, though I haven't had anything to offer.  However, that changed last night after attending our local quilt guild meeting.  I haven't been to one of these meetings in five or six years.  I was first invited by a local quilter who was the guest speaker right after I began quilting and was all but avoided by the other members.  Then, a couple of years later, I went with a new neighbor who was also a quilter, and again, we went through the entire evening without a hello from anyone.  I don't know if the group was just extremely  clickish and didn't want outsiders (common in a small town), if they were so involved with their activities that they didn't notice that we were visiting, or if they just didn't know how to talk to strangers.  In any case, neither of us ever went back.

But last night was different.  I went with the same neighbor again, and another neighbor who has begun quilting.  At the meeting, they had everyone sign in before entering the auditorium, with a  separate sheet for visitors, and they gave each visitor a colorful lei necklace.  The current president came over to greet us; she had been a college roommate of my first quilting neighbor, and she stood with us a long time telling us about the guild and introducing us to people who came up.  People in general seemed much friendlier than my previous visits, and both my original neighbor and I think we will join next month.  So there is another way to talk about quilting.


  1. I love this quilt!!! It's beautiful! And with all that negative space in the center, you could have lots of fun with the quilting!!!! It's gorgeous!!!

  2. I love it! You are so talented!

  3. I'm glad you gave your local guild another try and that your experience was much better.

  4. I think you've been looking at the quilt for too long. If you leave it for awhile and then go back to it in a couple weeks I bet you'll see how beautiful it really is!

  5. Sounds like you have come up with a workable game plan for your sewing machine issue. Good luck!

    Maybe you should put the quilt away for a bit. There are so many quilting options with that center, you have the chance to fall in love all over again.

  6. i agree with your previous commentors; the quilt is pretty and has so much potential in the center for gorgeous stitching/quilting. love the blue and yellow color combination~!

    your story about your experiences with the guild made me wonder if i've sometimes been too quick to leave without meeting new members . . . i tend to be in a hurry to get home and get dinner and i try to avoid the sweets and goodies but maybe i need to take a pause and at least say a welcoming hello. i forget how intimidating it can be to enter into a new group of people as i've been a member from the beginning. i really must do better.thank you for sharing.


  7. I haven't checked out any quilting groups. I've had a hard enough time meeting people on line .. in person is just too scary.

    I love the blue and yellow -- maybe if you take a break from the quilt you'll like it better.

  8. You don't love this??? The first words out of my mouth when the photo popped up on my screen was "Oh. My. Gosh!!" I'm quite partial to this color combination anyway, but this is just wow!


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