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Thursday, March 14, 2013

Attention Gardeners, The Yummies Are Here!

Seen at both Home Depot and Lowes. Hubby bought the last two at Home Depot and I put in a call asking when the next shipment is due to arrive.

If you have never grown or tasted a Yummy, it's a small, sweet, bell pepper. Sweet isn't even the word for it. They are the candy of all vegetables, sweeter than a lot of fruit. The picture on the peppers Hubby bought don't look like the peppers we grew several years ago. Those were tiny red peppers, about the size of a strawberry. The photo on these is of a larger, yellow pepper.

The Yummy pepper we planted before grew very slowly, and never had more than three peppers on it at one time. So if you can find these plants, buy at least four of them. We haven't been able to find them for the past two years. I collected seed from our last pepper, and tried to grow it, but of course it was a hybrid so I didn't expect much. It grew all summer and never produced a single pepper. That first year we grew one, the first peppers on it ripened just before we were to leave on vacation so Hubby picked everything in the garden and took it to work. The guys dug into the bag and after tasting these little peppers, they said they were the best peppers ever and wanted to know if there were more. So we were anxious to get a taste when a few more finally ripened. And like I said, they are like candy. Hubby doesn't even like bell peppers and he loved these.



  1. Glad you've managed to find them again this year. Jx

  2. What is it called? I tried growing peppers for the past 3 years but I always get just a few per plant. My neighbor's garden across the fence gets more shade during the day and she gets a ton of peppers. And I always thought peppers prefer sun :)

  3. I don't garden anymore, but it does sound like something I would try if I did.

  4. Well you make it sound so delicious I will have to look for this plant!

  5. Interesting pepper plant. I may have to look for one for My Guy, he loves peppers.


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