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Sunday, March 31, 2013

Happy Easter!

I hope everyone is having a joyeous day and the kids have found all the candy and eggs.  Really, find all those eggs.

One year I re-hid all the eggs after Easter so I could have another Easter hunt, and didn't find one of them for several weeks.  My closet never did smell good after that.

I also wanted to announce that the hummers have arrived by posting a photo.  We saw our first hummingbird Thursday, feeding at the salvia greggii.  I immediately ran to the kitchen to mix up some sugar-water and got the feeders out of the shed.  (Note:  Don't put away your feeders without cleaning them.  Ewww!)

I hung it in front of my kitchen sink and waited.  And waited.  And waited.  Finally, one showed up but instead of going to the feeder, he hovered in front of the window watching me.  When I reached for the camera, he zoomed off.  Every time I spotted one (or the same one) at the feeder, he zoomed off every time I moved for the camera.

So I have no photo of a hummingbird for you, just the feeder.  Hope you can use your imagination.



  1. Oh, we need to get some feeders out there too! Happy Easter Marti!

  2. My feeders are all full except the hummingbird feeder. That's next on the list!!! Happy Easter :-) Marti

  3. Sounds like you have an admirer who is camera-shy.

  4. I love seeing hummingbirds. Should probably get a feeder. The grandkids might enjoy it too! I used to hide Christmas bulbs for the kids to find at Christmastime (the big ones). That used to be fun.

  5. Must have been camera shy.

    No egg hunt for us this year. All the teenagers were way too cool for that.

  6. I'm in Northern Ontario and the hummingbirds make it here about May 12-15 every year. We are having a snow storm today, so they are smart enough to know not to get here yet!


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