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Friday, March 15, 2013

I Found My Header, But Something is Wrong With It

I've been locked out of part of my blog pictures since the crash of 2012, but all the stars aligned yesterday and Chrome finally let me open that album. I went through my photos and found my header photo, but it doesn't fit the template the way it used to.

I'm going to leave it up a few days until I either get it fixed or make another header. If you have any idea of how to stretch it, let me know.



  1. sorry no idea how to stretch ...

  2. I understand. I had this HUGE humorous photo on my header for a while till a friend took pity upon me!

  3. Hi Marti, are you wanting it to take up the full width of the screen (adjustible with the screen it's being viewed on) or a set width? If the former, here's a link that might help. I clicked on it and it's safe.




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