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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Ok Kids, The Deed is Done

I am now state of the art, au courant, and totally up on the current trend in cell phones. It did take two trips to the local AT&T store and one trip to the Apple Store in Dallas, but my new iphone is finally working. I can call, I can text, I can photograph, and I can surf. All it will take now is someone to show me how. lol

Right now I'm struggling to find the menus and tap the letters in the correct place so the right one comes up. I seem to be erasing more letters than I am leaving right now. But about the time you have your iphone 9 or 10, I should like this one just fine.

So let the fun begin. Tell me how to take a picture.



  1. I still have a stupid phone so I'm no help at all.

  2. I have a cheapest simplest phone, so I'm no help either :(

  3. a great app to start with is "secrets for iphone"
    There are also a lot of tips you can hook to through Pinterest.

  4. We are talking about getting iphones, not sure I'm ready for that much power in my phone!


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