Thursday, April 4, 2013

April in The Year of the Finished Project

In March, the only thing I completed was the apron I remade from a denim dress. I hope to do better in April.

My goal for April is to make another apron, make a cloth shower curtain for my master bath, and make curtains for Lil's bedroom. When I go there, I'll leave her my little Janome, that is if mom's Pfaff comes out of the shop sewing well. I did take it in today and the main repairman raved about that Pfaff, so I'm encouraged that it will be a good machine for me. If not, I know I won't have to ask him twice if he wants to buy it. He said he has been searching for two years for that very machine to give his mother.

I'm linking this up to Never Too Hot to Stitch. These are just goals, check back at the end of the month to see if they were accomplished.



  1. Good luck with the Pfaaf. I believe the older ones were really good - but that seems to be the way it is with most sewing machines today! Still love the apron.

  2. Really cool apron. Good luck with the Pfaff, I know there are many quilters who wouldn't use anything else.

  3. Good goals to work on! I tend to make too many goals that seem impossible to complete. I should rewrite with just a few a month like you've done!!! I love the apron too-so cute!!! Hope the Pfaff works out for you!!!! Have a lovely week, Martha

  4. Those sound like good goals to work toward.


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