Thursday, April 11, 2013

Finally! Got Those Hummers!

We've had one hummingbird around here for over a week, and it has recently been joined by another. The first one is very skittish, but our cold snap yesterday must have slowed them down a little and I got a few pictures. Excuse the quality, they were shot through the kitchen window, the bottom part with the screen.

This is the second one, a tiny guy who really has no distinguishing colors. He is so small I wonder if he is young. His feathers were really puffed out as he tried to stay warm, making him look bigger. He stayed on the feeder for several minutes at a time until the other one drove him off.   That black line is a slat from the blinds.  I was afraid if I lifted them, the birds wouldn't come back.

This is the one who came last week, but he is much harder to photograph and he wouldn't stay at the feeder if he saw me at the window. I couldn't reach above the screen and had to peek around the corner of the cabinet to photograph him. Finally, at dusk, he finally stayed long enough for a shot, even though it's almost too dark to see him.  His feathers aren't as fluffed as the smaller hummer.

Today, I tried to take pictures outside, but they wouldn't come near the feeder with me there. So back to the kitchen, and I put a step stool in front of the window so I could take a picture without the screen in the way. Again, the second guy stayed longer and was easier to shoot. See how much thinner he looks today?

The first guy only wanted to feed at the flower on the far side of the feeder. I finally covered it with a piece of cloth so he had to come around to one of the other flowers.

An update.  On a gardenweb forum, someone posted a photo of a hummer similar to the one in my first photo.  Someone said they thought it was a Ruby Throated juvenile.  I've noticed that our little guy has been changing and this is a photo taken today, April 15.  I don't know if the photo shows it, but the green coloring on his back has started coming through.  Still no ruby throat though.  He is also spending less time just sitting at the feeder, and has started looking around more when he is there.  As long as there are just two hummers here, I think I can document the changes in this one, but if more show up, I probably won't be able to tell one from another.

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Debra from Bungalow said...

The pictures are great! We get lots of hummingbirds at our cabin but not at home here, sure wish we did.

What a treat watching those little birds!

Debra from Bungalow said...

The pictures are great! We get lots of hummingbirds at our cabin but not at home here, sure wish we did.

What a treat watching those little birds!

Nancy said...

I love hummers: they usually arrive here in June.

P. said...

Great shots! The last one is especially cool. Makes me want to put a feeder up.

Grandma K said...

I am so happy it is time for the hummers to come back. Last month, just on a hunch, I put out a feeder at the place in the hill country. Sometimes they are there that early, but not this time. Too cold still.

thea said...

love the pictures, especially the last one. Someday I'll have hummingbird feeders. Maybe when my house empties out a little.

Shay said...

I think your pictures look fabulous especially the last one of the humming bird coming in to land. Close encounters with nature always lift my spirit! This is a wonderful favourite.

Kate said...

Great shots! Birds are hard to get on camera anyway and those hummers are the very hardest. Love your pictures, what a great favorite.