Tuesday, July 2, 2013

15 Minute Challenge - Kind Of

I could post a chart showing I did absolutely no sewing this week. So why am I even posting? Oh, just something for your entertainment.

Last week I was in San Francisco and while sightseeing in Haight-Ashbury, I spotted this shop.

With a sign that said "Far Out Fabrics," I had to check out Mendels. I wouldn't say that their fabrics were all that far out, but considering how small the fabric area was in a store that also sold art supplies and stationery, they had a wide assortment of fabrics, including an entire row of quilting fabrics. They had some really cool zippers too.

I really wanted to go into Needlepoint Inc., but we were going somewhere else and there just wasn't time.  I'll just have to be happy browsing their website.

If you've been reading my blog, you know I came home to a mess from a leak under the kitchen sink. But I also came home to a brand new sewing machine. I ordered it before I left and was surprised to see that it arrived so fast. Now I have a travel machine that is good enough to use all the time. Whoop!

I'm linking to Kate's 15 Minute Challenge at Life in Pieces.  Hop on over to see how others are inspired to find 15 minutes to sew every day.



  1. I've been to that "fabric" store before. I thought it was great. they had some reasonable prices on some oil cloth (though I didn't buy any). I might even go back some day.

  2. What a fantastic store. I think I could have spent hours there! Thanks for your comment on my blog. Yes the cars are ours. They are both an English car marque called Marcos. They are very rare - even in the UK - but we picked them up pretty cheaply. People dont really know about the cars so they have little value. We love them and enjoy driving such quirky vehicles! Jx

  3. Looks like fun. Maybe not far out fabrics, but definitely some fun ones there.

    Congrats on the new machine, it looks like you are all ready to go again.

    Hope you've gotten the mess all cleaned up from the leak and have a chance to sew this holiday weekend. Have a great 4th

  4. "Far out" fabrics would have drawn me in too. I'm jealous of your new machine. Have fun playing with all those stitches.

    1. Well then, this will really make you jealous. I just wanted a cheap but decent sewing machine to take to sew alongs. So I decided to look on craig's list. I thought there might be a 20 year old something that was still good. And I saw this Janome 8077. She wanted $250 for it. I did a search online before going to look at the machine, and saw them priced from $299 to just under $400. The reviews on Amazon were mostly very good, so we went to look at the machine, thinking we could probably get it for $175. But no, the lady wouldn't budge on her price. So for a difference of $50, I decided to buy it from Amazon and have a new machine with warranty. Then I found that I had enough points that it only cost $99! (plus tax) I was tickled pink. A much better deal than craig's list.

  5. I would have wanted to check out a store that advertised 'far out' fabrics too. Your new sewing machine looks like the one my granddaughter got for HS graduation. She absolutely loves it. I bet you will too.

  6. Like the new machine. It will last you a long time!

  7. That store looks like a fun place to explore!!! And congrats on a new sewing machine, how cool is that?? So how is it working for you? I am still piecing on the machine my folks bought me when I was 15. It has a few issues, but still a great sewing machine at 41 years old!!!


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