Tuesday, July 30, 2013

It's Tuesday, Time for the 15 Minute Challenge

Brownie made an unexpected trip home last Tuesday, so I pulled out the pieces for her t-shirt quilt so she could approve the layout. Then I put the shapes onto an excel grid and figured out the exact size for each block.

I had ironed interfacing onto many of the blocks before I put them away, but I left some undone so I could cut them to fit different sizes, and I needed more interfacing. Around here, the only place to buy interfacing is Walmart, and I am not a Walmart fan. I got the orginal interfacing at one Walmart but I was in another town when I bought the rest, and I got the wrong kind. It looked the same in the store, and when I started ironing it on, I noticed it was stiffer, but thought it would probably soften with use. It didn't. Even after sewing several of those blocks together, it didn't change. Turns out I got the wrong kind. So I spent one evening ripping out at least two days' work. What is it with me!??

So I had to go back to get more of the right kind of interfacing. I went back to the first Walmart for that. One good thing that came of these trips to Walmart is that I found the perfect background fabric for this quilt. I know, some of you won't use Walmart fabric, and if this were going to be an heirloom type quilt, (stop laughing), I would use quilt shop fabrics. But I can't afford to buy fabric there often. Most store bought quilts and comforters last me about five years with regular use and washings. These will last about fifteen years of daily use, so I think it's a good trade off.

Here's what is on my design wall floor today. I'd really like to finish the top by the end of the month.

Six out of seven days again. Not too bad. Still wish I had more to show for it.

I haven't done nearly as well with my stash busting. Not only did I buy the wrong interfacing, I bought two different fabrics for the Around the World Quilt I posted last week, and didn't like either one when I got them home and laid out next to the top. If white doesn't look good, I'm just going to bind it the way it is and call it a lap quilt.

I'm linking up to Kate's Life in Pieces. Hop on over to link up or see how everyone is trying to fit at least 15 minutes of sewing time into their day.



Kate said...

I can't imagine how hard all that interfacing was to remove! You definitely deserve an "about and beyond" award for that!

Pat said...

I buy most of my fabric at Connecting Threads because the quality is good and the price is often less than JoAnn's. I almost never buy from JoAnn's unless I have a 50% off coupon. I haven't really bought a lot of fabric at Walmart since they reinstated it to our store but I used buy almost all my fabric there years ago.

make.share.give said...

What a busy week!

thea said...

I don't buy at Walmart, but mostly because I HATE the store. The two near us are so crappy -- one day there was a fist fight going on right outside the door. scary. Anyway, you are definitely dedicated to the t-shirt quilt.

Marti said...

No it wasn't hard at all. It was some kind of craft interfacing and my first clue is that I ironed it on the hottest setting and it still didn't adhere in places.

Marti said...

I don't think I've ever ordered from there. If I ever get my stash down, I would probably buy online, if I could buy everything for one quilt from the same place so the colors matched. I'm always afraid to buy online to match a color I have at home.

Marti said...

I don't like Walmart either, but living out where I do, that's sometimes the only choice, especially for stuff like sewing sundries. It is weird that you find the out of control and bizarre people at Walmart, but not at Target just across the highway.

Marti said...

It was; it just doesn't look like much when I only have half a pieced top to show for it.