Thursday, July 18, 2013

Sewing, The Challenge

I tried to get some sewing in this week, but as Hubby observed, I spent more time unsewing than sewing. I wanted to use my new Janome and thought the denim quilt would be a good test for it. Unfortunately, the first set of instructions I found had an error, so I spent several hours ripping that out. A few more trials and I found a method that seems to work. This is where I am now, three meager rows after four days' work.

Then I took a day off so I could can some tomatoes and work on my fabric inventory. While doing that, I came across this Around The World Quilt. I couldn't decide what to do about borders so put it aside.  I know it looks rectangular in the photo below, but that's just camera distortion, it's really square.

The problem with square quilts is that they just don't fit beds. So after looking at it again, I decided to add more rows to the top and bottom. A search through my scraps and I remembered why I stopped it where I did - I had used all I had of a couple of fabrics. Then, inspiration hit and I thought it would make the right size twin quilt if I took two rows off each side and added a row to both top and bottom. So more ripping. Here it is today with the side rows off and the top and bottom rows ready to sew.

Six out of seven days isn't bad, all things considered. I just wish I had more to show for it.

And now for a confession. I wanted bright fabrics for my denim quilt, and did have a few in my stash, but... I had them earmarked for other projects.

So I bought more fabric.

Just a few fat quarters of brights. But then I saw some all cotton seersucker which makes excellent backing for receiving blankets, and it just jumped in my cart and held on when I tried to put it back on the shelf. So it had to come home with me. I have a weak spot for strays, be it cats, dogs, or fabrics.

An update of my stash buster report and stash inventory:

Join me this week at Life in Pieces to see how others have used their sewing time this week.  It's funny, Kate wrote that she thinks the hot weather they have had has slowed her sewing.  We've had a stretch of the coolest days I can remember having in July.  We've had over three days of a nice, steady rain, and Tuesday our high was 74.  It's been heavenly.  I can just imagine what it's like to live in Seattle or England where it rains all the time.  I have been wondering when they mow their lawns.  My grass is long and green, but the ground is too soft to mow without leaving ruts.



Jan said...

Really pretty projects! I'm plodding along with some crotchet - but it's a bit too hot for wool at the moment.. Jx

Nancy said...

I, too, like your projects, especially the Around the World blocks.

thea said...

Six out of seven is great!! The denim quilt is really going to be great.

P. said...

I know what you mean when you work at something for hours but it doesn't look like much. As long as you're satisfied with your progress and are enjoying it, that's what matters.

You have two fun looking projects there. I'm trying to figure out how that denim quilt is going together. Do you put a square of fabric in the circle and then machine or hand stitch the edges down? Pretty colors in your trip around the world quilt. Good thinking to take some off to make it a usable size.

Kate said...

Wow, you've been busy. Your fix for the Around the World Quilt is inspired, it looks great.

Sorry I missed your link last week. I wasn't on the computer much due to the bad taco (at least that was Drama Teen's conclusion as to why we both felt miserable last week).