Wednesday, August 7, 2013

The 15 Minute Sewing Challenge, a Top Completed

I'm not going to take the time to make a chart. For the first time in a very long time, I sewed every day this past week. That is probably the end of my current sewing streak though. I wanted to get this top off the floor so we could move furniture out of our bedroom and get floors done. Also, the tiller and I had a major disagreement about starting, and a finger joint on my left hand and a muscle in my lower right arm were wrenched. I can't even open a water bottle right now.

The Concert Memories quilt top is finished, back is stitched, and I have the batting. All I have to do now if find a place to lay it out and pin it. Then I'm going to try quilting it myself. It's not worth it to me to send it out for quilting.

I'll update my stash list next time. This is all the typing my fingers can do for now. Join me at Kate's Life in Pieces to see how others have used bits of time this week, and let us know what you've been doing too.



  1. Very fun quilt! You did a great job piecing all those shirts together. I love the border you added.

    Hope your finger and arm heal quickly.

  2. So very sorry about your finger and arm. I am surprised you could sew!

    The quilt it beautiful.

    1. Thank you. I hurt my finger and arm after I finished the top, so that was a good thing.

  3. This quilt looks great!!! I REALLY need to get started on my husbands Harley Davidson T-shirt quilt!!!
    Hope your finger and arm are on the mend!!!


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