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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

It's Just the Beginning of November, Right?

I've already seen two decorated Christmas trees in windows the past couple of days.

The rate I'm going, I'll be doing good to get a tree up by Christmas Eve.



  1. crazy. I guess it's bound to happen. After all there are radio stations running Christmas music, and many of the stores here have had stuff out since Labor Day.

  2. Putting up a Christmas tree? I am doubting this - again! Of course the little overgrown Charlie Brown tree I bought about three years ago is easy! That's why I bought it. Just getting the "stuff" to go on it out is the issue!

  3. I admit to listening to a few Christmas carols already, but I draw the line at putting up decorations until after Thanksgiving.

  4. People who put trees up this early are the first ones to take them down the day after Christmas. We started seeing Christmas stuff on TV the day after Halloween. Absolutely ludicrous.

  5. It seems the season comes quicker each year. I was trying to con Drama Teen into doing just a small tree this year. Last year she completely bailed on helping with the decorating of our big one.


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