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Monday, November 4, 2013

Just a Sentence and Photos

I've missed blogging. I think of things I should document but I've been so busy it's hard to find time to compose a blog post. But I had a thought today, that I didn't have to write a story, or even in complete sentences. Just a sentence to share what's going on. My goal is to post every day for the rest of this month. It may be just a sentence and photos. Or just a sentence fragment.

Making progress. Today I finished fixing all the cracks above the doors in the hall, and sprayed the texture. Now all the walls are covered with texture. And so am I.

I should have taken before pictures, but I didn't think of it. I didn't think of taking after pictures until I had already taken down some of the tape and plastic. I hate the prep work. Sanding, cleaning, taping. So much work just to be able to get to work.  (Yes, that door at the end will be painted.)

This corner had been messed up by someone who previously textured for us and didn't bother to take off the door trim. It looked like the wall was crushed, but it was just texture that had been smushed between the door frame and corner. More prep work. Take off the trim, remove nails, remove tape and mud, replace tape and mud (smoothly this time). Finally, texture.



  1. Looks like tons of work .. but it's coming along. I agree with the sentence idea. I'd like to post more so I don't forget what's happened in my life ...

  2. I don't envy you.

    However, nothing is more satisfying than sweat equity!

  3. As I sit amidst the dust of construction caused by others - I must say - you amaze me!! You did notice I said "caused by others." I am about ten years past causing my own dust of construction.

  4. You've been busy. It looks good.


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