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Tuesday, November 26, 2013

My Weekend Project

Our foyer somehow became the dumping ground for homeless items after the water leak. My goal last weekend was to empty the foyer, find places for these items, and remove the baseboard and crown molding so I can paint before new flooring.

I got most of it done Saturday, but Sunday Hubby called. He had been at the lease in the beastmobile and the belt broke when we was about an hour away from home. In fact, two belts broke. He had an old spare, changed it, drove about two miles and then it snapped too. The worst part was that it was cold Sunday. We were under a winter storm warning, with freezing rain predicted. But he called a tow truck and I met him at the repair shop, transferred all his stuff into the car, and brought him home.

So this is as much as I got done.

Ripping off the framed tapestry popped a sheetrock joint, so now I get to fix that. Then paint, and finally floor!



  1. Some progress is better than none at all. Hope you got the car fixed and have better weather this weekend. Wishing you a very happy Thanksgiving.

  2. Isn't it funny (not ha-ha funny, tho) how one thing leads to another? Are you painting walls? They look like they're wallpapered. Maybe you just meant the ceiling or crown molding. Anyway, may your project be free from glitches, and have a Happy Thanksgiving!


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