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Monday, May 12, 2014

Storm Clouds

I haven't been posting, not because I have nothing to say, but because Hubby moved the router and now I can't stay online long enough to load a post. I'm going to try something different this time though. If you don't see any photos, you know it didn't work.

This was a storm that moved in this afternoon. I thought the clouds were interesting.

Yay! It worked. It's kind of a pain but I found that I can post s small paragraph then edit a little at a time. Hubby is working on getting this fixed. I don't know if I will post again until it is. If you read this and wonder why I haven't been visiting your blog, please know that I probably am, but commenting on blogs is as hard as posting to this one.



  1. Missed you. I hope it is all fixed soon.

  2. Gorgeous photos! I hope it wasn't a violent storm.

  3. Definitely cool looking.

    Hope the router is fixed soon.

  4. Missed you too!! WOW, those clouds are spooky fun!!!! We don't get great storms here very often, usually more rain then anything else!!! Hope you get the router working better really soon!!!


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