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Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Crinum in the Garden

These are blooming profusely right now, so I had to take a picture even though the background should have been cleaned up.

I'm back to stay I think. I rearranged furniture in the family room so I have a table (well, a tv stand) and chair for the computer. If you haven't read about my computer problems, the short story is that Hubby moved the router to the garage and I couldn't stay online for more than five minutes, and trying to post kicked me off every time. So Hubby pulled the cord from the tv and now I have a connection - as long as I am connected to the cord. The cord is only five feet long which puts me in the corner next to the tv. The other problem is that the cord comes from the right side but connects to the left side of my computer and the power cord comes from the left side but connects to the right side of my computer. So when I sat in the chair with the computer on my lap, the cords tied me into the chair. But now with the chairs moved around and a makeshift table for the computer, I think I'm back in business.

I've made several blog entries in my mind over the past weeks and hopefully I'll remember them now that I can actually post them. It also seems that blogger has fixed some of the problems that have been plaguing me. At least the comments I've made today to other blogs have posted correctly.

Edited to add: Still have some issues with comments I made. The comments posted to the blog, but the email that was supposed to go to the blogger bounced back. This happened on Life in Pieces, 501 Quilt Blocks, and Wyoming Breezes, all blogspot blogs like mine, so I think blogger still has a few bugs in it.

So here goes nothing, I'm going to press the Publish button to see what happens.


  1. Welcome back. Your crinums are so much prettier than mine!

    Hope you can be comfortable posting now!

  2. Welcome back. Yes, I think blogger has some issues. It has been sending SOME comments to me via email and others are posted but not sent. Ive learned to check my blogger dashboard to see all the comments rather than slog through every post to find the comments from my readers. It's crazy. Two weeks ago, I wasn't getting ANY of the comments emailed to me. I complained, but my complaint fell on deaf ears. Yes, blogger has some issues!

    1. I just started the dashboard today. That's how I found this comment from you. lol Maybe more of us need to complain. I knew my comments were being returned to me, but I didn't know I wasn't getting the emails. Bummer.

  3. Hopefully you are back to stay. Computer issues are just no fun.

    I've been careful to check my emails with the comments on my blog, for some reason some don't show up and some do.

  4. Those are beautiful flowers!!! I am going to have to look them up and see if I can grow them here!! Glad your computer issues are working out a bit better!!! Take care! :^)


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